Zerotester & Co.


We endeavour to source the very best items around the world at very reasonable prices. Currently we carry a good number of best quality, previously enjoyed and brand new, classical CD's. 我們手上有大量演繹上乘而且曲目極豐富的古典鐳射唱片發售,例如:

DG - Haydn's 12 'London' Symphones - London Philharmonic Orchestra (Eugen Jochum) [DG版本,海頓12首《倫敦》交响曲。倫敦愛樂(約金指揮)]

Andante - Charles Gounod's Faust - Paris Opera [Andante 版本,1929-1931 年巴黎歌劇院首演古諾的《浮士德》]

We collected a lot of rare and beautiful fountain pens - for example, a Montblanc Meisterstück 149, 75th Anniversary Limited Edition (no. 853), rose gold cap ring and clips and mother-of-pearl snowcap. 還有美麗而且有極高收藏價值的墨水筆 —— 例如萬寶龍75週年紀念版玫瑰金邊,貝殼頂。

Better things will be updated on a  daily basis. 美好的物事每天更新。

All items are shipped worldwide or in case of local orders settlement may be arranged in MTR stations without postage.  Please enquire for cost of shipping.  所有貨品都可以郵寄或(若本地訂單)地鐵站交收。請查詢郵遞價錢。