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The Art of Erica Morini


The manager of Zerotester & Co is now listening to Morini's rendition of Franck's Violin Sonata in A major (on the piano was Rudolf Firkusny).  All he can say is it's simply a spectacular performance; she'd got a surprising power in her playing the violin, of which one may not naturally expect a graceful figure.  The CD is of great sound quality given the piece was recorded back in 1961. Erica Morini, born in 1904, was one of the forerunners of female violinists, and the first to perform internationally.  Her professional life was spanned long enough to reach the time when hi-fidelity recording became available to most of us on Long Play records.  Universal Records South Korea reissued 7 of the best LP albums of Ms Morini's in a 10-CD box set. The Art of Erica Morini 10-CD box set is worth way more than the humble price tag.